July 5, 2017 Reflecting on the past year

A year ago today, I was sitting at a desk, one of hundreds on the fifth floor inside the factory where I worked, doing a job that I was less than thrilled about to be doing. On paper, this should have been a dream job. With my background in aerospace engineering, sitting at a desk that over looks the production floor of a factory where some of the worlds best commercial airplanes are assembled would have been enough for most engineers. If I could just stare at airplanes all day, maybe it would have been enough, but, that was not the case.

Only a few months earlier, the engineering job I had WAS actually awesome. I was designing new hardware to solve a problem for one of our customers. I was regularly presenting designs and updates to top level management and executive, and, because of the great accomplishments and successes early on in my project, I had certainly gained favor with this group of people that could definitely held accelerate my climb up the corporate ladder.

However, as my project progressed, I had to involve more people from various departments and all of the sudden, the job that I once loved going to everyday, became the job I dreamed about avoiding and never having to go back to again…ever.

I’ve been through this before during the previous 10 years of work (8 of which had been with the company, in a very similar role). I found that every time I started a new project, or joined a new group, I absolutely loved the first 3 to 6 months, and then something changed. The excitement had run out, the scope of my job had changed, the possible layoffs loomed just over the horizon. It was always around this time, I’d start looking for ways to change things up, start fresh and get the excitement back in my career.

I had really great dreams of escape too. Selling everything and moving to the Caribbean, selling everything and traveling around the country, visiting friends and family all the while exploring parts unknown to me. My list goes on and on; however, my list also ends with, ” I’m married, I don’t think the wife would be on board with any of this, and the kids… I don’t think the kids could handle such a huge change, or maybe we (the parents) couldn’t handle such a huge change.

Well, to skip to the end, we ended up selling our home, traveled across the US (twice!), visited friends and family, had time to reflect on the goals and direction we wanted to take our life as a family, and decided to document for myself, but also for others who want to change their life, pick and move, and know that, in the end, it’s not as scary as everyone else would lead you to believe.


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